Halls and Properties

Burden for Halls in London for the increase and spread of the church

The church has been meeting in London since 1984. Over these years the Lord has built up and increased the church so that today the church is spread across the city. Currently there are over five hundred adults meeting with the church in six geographical areas which we refer to as halls:

Map of halls in London

We are burdened that the Lord would increase and spread the church in London. London is a city with a population of approximately 9.5 million people in 32 boroughs. Surely within this city, in so many neighbourhoods, there is a need for people to be saved, come to the full knowledge of the truth and be brought into the genuine church as the testimony of Jesus.

While we are burdened for the Lord’s increase and spread outside of London, and in other countries, we also feel it is our responsibility to spread the vine here in London. We feel it would be marvelous if the Lord could raise up a hall within each of the 32 boroughs.

As part of this burden we believe the Lord is leading us to obtain properties as meeting halls for the strengthening and enriching of the church-life. Up to now, we have only hired rooms by the hour, but for many years we have been looking to acquire properties for the halls to meet, to serve, and to be blended with one another.

By the Lord’s leading and grace, we have recently purchased our first property located in Lee, Lewisham (Southeast London), which will serve well the needs of halls 4 and 5.

Property for Halls 4 and 5 in Lee, Lewisham

The property: 14,800 square feet plot with a single-storey 1,260 square feet building and 25 parking spaces. The building comprises a 920 square feet meeting room that can seat 76-100, a front lobby (additional 15 seats), two toilets, and a small storage space. This building was purpose-built in the 1980s as an assembly hall and has been maintained in good condition. No refurbishment will be necessary, and we expect to be able to use it immediately. The entire property is gated, fenced, and enclosed within a neighbourhood woodland making it very secure, quiet, and pleasant.

Lee Meeting Hall

Transport: 4 minutes walk from Lee Station and several bus stops. It also sits near the junction of the South Circular (A205) and Burnt Ash Hill (A2212) – the A2 and the A20 are nearby as well.

Location: Near the 3 borders of the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, and Bromley, and equidistant to the boroughs of Bexley, Croydon, and Southwark. Nearby are 2 small parks within a 15 minute walk. Greenwich Park and the University of Greenwich are within a 15 minutes drive.

Development: The building is without a kitchen and rooms for children and young people, but there is potential for extending to the side of the building. Although the building is only single-storey, it is quite tall and may have the potential to be converted into two stories without much construction.

Offerings for Lee Meeting Hall

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