Lee Meeting Hall

Please see the Halls and Properties Page for information how to offer for the new Meeting Hall in Lee, Lewisham that will serve halls 4 & 5.


One-time and recurring donations can be given through PayPal via a PayPal account or a credit or debit card as described below.

Using this “Donate” button, you can:

  • Give a one-time donation. Your one-time donation can be either designated or undesignated.
  • Give an unending recurring monthly donation. However, you will NOT be able to designate the purpose of your recurring donation if you use the “Donate” button.
Detailed Instructions for PayPal

To submit a secure designated or undesignated ONE TIME donation or an undesignated MONTHLY UNENDING RECURRING donation through PayPal via the “Donate” button above:

  • Specify the amount of your donation.
  • Check the box “Make this a monthly donation” ONLY if you want your donation to be monthly and unending AND if you do NOT want to specify a purpose for (designate) your donation (that is, you are giving to the church in London’s general fund). (NOTE: At present it is not possible to designate a monthly recurring donation using the “Donate” button.)
  • To designate your one-time donation for a specific purpose, click on the text “Add a note” and type a clear, brief description. Undesignated offerings will be used to meet the general needs of the church.
  • To complete your donation you can either:
    • Log in to PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, you can register for one); OR
    • Donate with a credit or debit card.
  • GIft Aid:
    • If you have registered for Gift Aid with the church in London you will have a Gift Aid number.
    • If you would like to Gift Aid your donation, please click on the text “Add a note” and enter your Gift Aid number.


Cheques sent by Royal Mail should be addressed to:

Church in London
Bower House
Orange Tree Hill

Please do not send cash by post. If you can only donate cash, please give your offering to the responsible ones in your group, who will then pass it on to the designated brothers in their hall.

Online Bank Transfers

Please fill in the form below to receive the bank details for the church:

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    Gift Aid

    Gift Aid is a scheme for UK tax payers to boost donations by 25p for every £1 donated.

    Church in London Gift Aid declaration form