9 March 2024

  1. Weekend Retreats
  2. One Week Trainings, 1-6 April & 12-18 May
  3. London International Blending Conference, 20 – 21 April
  4. Spring European University Confernece, 22-22 March
  5. Read 500 Life-studies – John 35 & 36
  6. Morning Revival – Double-Up Weeks 3&4
1. Weekend Retreats in Spring 2024 

Weekend Retreats is a residential weekend providing a rich infusion of the ministry of the Word, the opportunity for blending with the saints and overnight stay in comfortable and high-quality cabins at Woodland Camp. Below are the proposed dates for possible groups.

Next week  (16-17 March)is the turn for Hall 6 – the deadline is today (Lord’s Day, 10 March). We encourage all the saints from Hall 6 to register for this time, either as a day visitor or staying on site The event is free from 10am until 4pm, and £12 to stay for the evening meeting. If you stay overnight on Saturday and through the Lord’s Day, the cost is £45.

Dates Groups
16-17 March
London Hall 6 and East, including Cambridge, Chelmsford, Ipswich, Luton, Milton Keynes, Norwich and other cities in that area
30-31 March
Midlands, North, Scotland and Ireland, including Belfast, Birmingham, Coventry, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and other cities in that region.
6-7 April
London Hall 4 and Hall 5
11-12 May
London Hall 1 and South-west, including Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Oxford, Paignton, Reading, Southampton and other cities in that area
18-19 May
London Hall 2 and Hall 3

The details and registration for the Weekend Retreats are available online at 

For those unable to join the Weekend Retreats but only available for Saturdays at Woodland Camp (9am-4pm), please use the link below for details and registration. 

Registration deadline is the Lord’s Day prior to the weekend event. 

As we are burdened to help all the saints to participate including those with children, there will be designated areas for parents with children to watch the meetings via webcast. We encourage the groups to coordinate childcare.  


2. One-week Trainings, 1-6 April and 13-18 May

Amana Trust would like to invite all the saints to join the Spring 2024 One-week Trainings, which will be held at Woodland Camp on 1-6 April and 13-18 May. The messages and materials are based on the four great matters—truth, life, the church and the gospel. Each series of One-week Trainings explores these four areas using different materials so that those who attend repeatedly will steadily broaden their appreciation of these areas. These times are profitable both for the saints and the new ones we are caring for.   

The burden of these one-week trainings is the “perfecting of the saints unto the work of the ministry, unto the building up of the Body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12). These times are for us to receive an infusion of the truth, to be perfected for our functioning in the church life, and to become equipped and vitalized for the gospel.   

For more information and the online application, please go to or phone +44 (0)1708 380 301. Due to limited space, please register as soon as possible. 

3. London International Blending Conference (20 – 21 April 2024)

Praise the Lord for the upcoming London International Blending Conference!

Date: 20-21 April 2024
Place: Hammersmith Novotel, 1 Shortlands W6 8DR
Parking: Parking at the hotel can be booked using; £1.50 per hour for hotel residents and £3.50 per hour for visitors. Free parking is also available on local steets.
Lunch: There are eating places within walking distance of the hotel.

£30 per adult
£15 per 12 -17 year old
Free per 0-11 year old
Everyone is required to register including those under 18 years old:

Deadline: Lord’s Day 14 April

4. Dieppe/Rouen Fellowship – Lord’s Day @ 6:30pm

The church in London will be hosting a time with Brother Don Pullen tonight at 6:30pm GMT to fellowship the burden and need for Dieppe and Rouen. 

The churches in the UK have been asked to bear the burden for Rouen, the capital of Normandy. This burden is not just for the gospel trips – it includes blending with and strengthening the saints in Dieppe in the months beforehand and after as well as during the Olympics. We may arrange some trips to Dieppe beforehand to get to know the saints and situation in Dieppe and scout out Rouen.

This time will be crucial in releasing further details about this burden. We encourage all the saints, whether or not they’ve signed up for a gospel trip or indicated openness to this burden before, to attend the session.

5. Spring European University Conference (22-24 March)

Subject: The Center of the Universe
Location: De Hoof, Someren, The Netherlands (
Registration Link:
Cost: €92  
Coach from London:
Deadline: Lord’s Day, 10 March 2024

6. Read 500 Life-studies –  Gospel of John 35 & 36

Now that we have completed Matthew, the church in London reading schedule will move onto the Gospel of John. Next week we will cover Messages 35 & 36 of the Life-study of JohnThis would be an ideal time to have a new start if you have fallen behind in your reading, or have not yet started a reading schedule.

Life-Study of John Order 
To order the printed Life-study of John please submit the following form: (limited stock, first come/first served).

a) Brother Minoru Chen has given a series of talks on the matter of getting into the Life-studies: TalksOnLife-studies the outlines of which can be downloaded from Outlines.

b) The website provides recommendations and resources. c) Mobile app (iOS and Android) to enable you to make reading schedules, read in the app and track progress ( 


7. Morning revival – double-up weeks 3&4

We will be on Week 3 and 4 of the HWMR for the 2023 Thanksgiving Conference, “The Enjoyment of Christ and Our Growth in Life unto Maturity” 

HWMR printed copies
For those who don’t yet have a copy, physical copies can be purchased from Amana Trust:
– One-off purchase:
– Standing order (each new issue sent to you for a year): +44 (0) 1708 380 301 
Note: The bookshop recommends you phone in to set up your standing order; prices are available on

HWMR ePublications
HWMR links
Google Play

Corresponding Message
The printed messages are available in the Ministry of the Word (Ministry Magazine) publication which are available in print or online.
The audio message (Message 3 and 4) that corresponds to this week can be downloaded from – cost $1 (registration required).


Upcoming Events 2024
20-21 April, 2024 London International Blending Conference
3-5 May, 2024 Paris Conference
, France
3-5 May, Conference in Warsaw, Poland
17-19 May, Spring CEEB Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia
24-27 May, International Memorial Day Conference, Bellevue, Washington

1. No Ministry Meeting: Monday, 11 March 
2. Family Zoom Time every Tuesday at 4:15pm
Family Zoom Time 2024 Registration link
If you have any queries, please feel free to email:
Reading Schedule for Recovery Version with footnotes, Week 60; see website for schedule:

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